Building & Construction

Paving, Tiling, Painting, Roofing, Building

Cafa Welding also specialisses in building, plastering, paving, tiling, roofing and renovations. We have always strived to handle projects with honesty, integrity and a constructive attitude.

Our aim as a company has always been to make a positive difference not only in the industry, but also in people's lives. We value our clients and never see their business as just a once off contract, but rather a relationship building experience

Our corporate culture is characterised by its ability to adapt quickly to our client's needs and requirements. This is done by bringing a sharper focus to the requirements of the client and striving to leverage cutting edge technology to provide the highest levels of service through cost efficient methods. We also pride ourselves with a culture and tradition of ingenuity, which has driven continuously improvements, and the relentless drive for innovation in the way we operate